View Poll Results: Have you applied the ROM patch, and has it helped the sound on your phone?

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  • Still on original ROM, Sound OK

    58 39.19%
  • Still on original ROM, Sound BAD

    14 9.46%
  • Applied PalmOne/faisal/Shadowmite ROM, Sound OK

    67 45.27%
  • Applied PalmOne/faisal/Shadowmite ROM, Sound BAD

    9 6.08%
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    I don't think the poll reflects whether or not the patch helped. Seems there are a lot of repsonses saying that the original ROM sounds good...if those kinds of people applied the custom ROM there might be no change? Choices of "patched ROM installed (did/did not) improve sound from before" would be more clear for that question.

    I only got complaints from my sister who said I spent money on crap hehe. After the patch she said it was much better. But I never asked the other people I talked to what they thought the quality was before/after either.
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    I'm in the sad pathetic group that applied the patch and nothing changed. Went to Sprint store and they couldnt replicate the bad calls. Ended up getting a Sanyo phone to make calls on (sharing minutes with my treo)--Im just damn unlucky--you guys that have perfect sounding phones--APPRECIATE IT--Sprint doesnt care, PalmOne doesnt care--my local sprint place said if I "lost" my phone, he could sure help me out...good, now i have to become a lying crook to try to get a working phone. A year from now there will be a new wonder phone that permits two-way voice, until then I'm stuck in a gray area...I blame Palm for this--they don't realize that in rthe age of the dying standalone PDA how much ill will they are getting for ignoring customers that simply want their product to work as a phone...oh well, tears are welling up now, i better go. (If any Palm employee reads this, and has the capability to make sure my phone actually works, please contact me at Anyway! Randy
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