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    I'm looking for a solution to sync mail with my Mac. I notice that Multimail sells a Mac conduit. Have any of you used this, or any other Mac compatible solution? I'd like to hear about any successful setups.
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    There aren't that many mac users here but I'm one of them! Anyway, I used the conduit to synch mail with my Visor. I don't know about other programs but I use Outlook Express 5.0. It synchs to either the mail application that comes with the Visor or MultiMail Pro. I like Pro better but it does carry a $39 price tag. Otherwise, it synchs well everytime!

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    I use Multimail with my ice visor and outlook express 5.01 with no problems. I'm usuing Mac OS 9.

    I haven't had any problems thus far, and would recommend it.

    In addition to synching with your Mac, it will also connect via modem to get email (will become handy when all the modem modules come out)

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