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    Can anyone explain why you would want to use one over the other
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    This has been covered, but with SBC you get your mail "pushed" to your phone. I tried it and it was not very timely. You can, however, use ChatterMail to have REAL TIME push of your email - as long as your email provider supports IMAP. Mine did but not the IDLE feature, so I signed up for a free fastmail account and now the 650 works just like (and better IMO) than any blackberry. It is sooo much better than SBC. I do use the Versamail to auto check my home email as it is not mission critical to have that real time. Chatter works like a champ and I love it.

    Sorry for going a bit off topic, but when I first explored the email options on my phone I tried Versamail, having my email forwarded to my SMS account then downloading them as needed (Versamail/SMS), tried the SBC but it was too slow to react. Never tried Snappermail so I can not comment but I believe it does not support push. I also have Chatter as the main email client with Agendus and it rocks.

    there I go again...<shutting up now>
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    I use both. I use BC for my actual corporate email becuase it syncs not only email, but calendar and allows me to pull up my docs of a remote computer (very cool feature). I use Versamail to access my other 3 accounts, and I check them on an as-needed basis, no need for push email. BC is relatively secure due to the fact that is uses SSL. Versamail has direct integration into VPN prefs, so using an IPSec VPN to get POP3 and IMAP secure it quite doable. I can check email from 3 different providers, using 3 different VPN connections, in about 3 minutes. Pretty cool.

    I think each has pro's and con's...

    Edit: Oh yeah, I get my 'push' email within seconds of receiving it on the exchange server.
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    I too use both. I use the Versamail for my personal mail. It's setup to autosync every hour 7 days a week from 7am to 10pm. I tried using VM for my exchange mail, but it was too big of a hassle because it automatically syncs your calendar as well...I didn't want that since I sync with both my home PC and work PC. I use Sprint BC for the exchange server and have it pushed. On average, it pushes in 30 seconds or less...and honestly, is 30 seconds gonna make or break the business deal? I don't think so. The nice thing about BC is that I can use my exchange mail and have a secure VPN connection to my "My Documents" folder so that I can do attachments when out of the office. I use that feature at least once a week.
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