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    I use GPRS occasionally on my Treo 600 to check email. When I click "Send and Receive" in the Email program, it asks me if I want to connect to the internet and makes the connection, and then two green arrows appear next to the GPRS signal indicator so I can tell I'm connected. After I check my email, I always like to disconnect, to save battery and because I probably won't need to reconnect for days or weeks. However, it seems that the only way to do this is to go to Preferences -> Network and click "Disconnect." What a hassle! I've tried putting the Treo to sleep for a while and turning it back on, but the GPRS is still connected. Is there any way to get it to disconnect automatically, say, after a certain amount of inactivity?
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    Anyone? Please?
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    Treo Helper will do what you want. You can configure it to disconnect the network after a certain time period. I've only used it on CDMA Treos, but it should work on GSM, too.
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    I've created a hot key on my keyboard that takes me directly to the network preferences screen. It's three quick steps. Hit phone, hit hot key, hit disconnect.

    Interestingly, using the Sprint 600 on Verizon, I have noticed that it will disconnect itself after a few minutes with no activity. Not sure why or whether it is a setting I can't find or built into the Sprint firmware.
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    Duh, just realized that, under network service settings, when I click details the first screen has a n "idle timeout" setting of 1 minute. Not sure if this setting exists on all firmware, but it is on the Sprint phones and it does work on the Verizonified version.
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    Snapper Mail has a feature that will dicsonnect you from your GPRS connection as soon as the phone is done sending/receiving.

    I love this feature. I used to have a shortcut set up to the network prefs and I would manually disconnect every time. Snapper certainly makes it easier.
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    Thanks for the tips, guys!

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