I have this thread going in Treo 650 Hardware: http://discuss.treocentral.com/showt...868#post531904 but I guess it's appropriate to get the discussion going here, so here goes...

I am new to the world of PALM OS coding but I do have strong programming skills. I just downloaded the PALM SDKs (after much confusion) and am getting familiarized with the way the event-driven interface works.

Here is a post I put on the Palm developers forum, http://developers.palmone.com/pe/for...ostID=10132955

I want to make a contact browser app that all you have to do is click on the picture icon of your contact and then you would be able to dial him/her.

Here's a mock-up of what I want it to look like:

I think this would be very useful and fun as well. I need a lot of 'hand-holding' through this project but mainly I need some sample code of how the contacts program works. This way I can get a feel for that and then build my own. What the program would specifically need to do is get a list of the contacts in a particular group, then display the associated icons and allow for dialing of those contacts as well. Any good sample code of working with the contacts address book available? I am making this for the Treo 650.