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    I have ordered a Treo 600 and it should be here tomorrow. A couple of things. Have been a long time plam user, so have already gotten apps to go it and got a 512m memory card (should I have gotten the 1g?)
    Here is my question. I have two pop3 email accounts, one gmail the other through my cable company. Do I have to buy a third party email app to get my email? (I have always used the T-Zones to access them) I really don't have to worry about attachments except for pictures. Can I receive pics in email and send pics in email or do I have to have a third party software?

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    No, Treo 600 comes with a builtin Mail application that can handle multiple pop3 e-mail accounts.
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    And that will allow me to send picture attachements?
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    I use Snappermail for my POP accounts, so I can't remember how the built in email app deals with attachments. Snappermail is expensive, but works great. It comes with a free trial, so I suggest checking it out and see if it is worth it to you.
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