I知 a business agent and I spent a lot of time driving
Since some years I use a Palm m515 and a cellular phone Ericsson, but I壇 like to change to a Treo650 in order to combine both services in one device.
I値l explain my needs about Palm software on Treo650
Every day I知 contacted from some potential customers (at least 2-3) and I must plan a meeting with them.
Actually in Palm Calendar Section , at a specific time of the choosen day of the week, I enter name, address and phone number.
With a great part of the customers probably I値l have only one meeting and nothing more and it makes no sense to insert in the Contact section .
As soon as I call them , I search for them in Palm , and I compose phone number manually in Ericcson phone. This is something I壇 like to avoid to do in the future because it take time , it痴 not so comfortable and in many cases I知 driving (which is forbidden !!)

My question is :
In the default software in Treo device would it be possibile from Calendar section , to click on the phone number (which is included in the prefixed meeting and directly be connected to this number ?
I知 aware of the fact that I could mark the number and then click on Copy and Paste in Phone section but in some situation (driving ) it would be not ideal

If it wouldn稚 be possibile , is the reason that it痴 not recognized as field is alphanumeric ? On the phone , for example, in a SMS message containing a phone number , it痴 possible to click on it and activate phone call..
As alternative do you know if a software exists solvine my specific problem ? Or modify an existing software creating a separate numeric field only for this scope ?

I hope you can help me about it because ,speaking with a lot of people, this requirement is widely requested from the market

Thank you