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    just upgraded to 19.4. I created a SMTP Profile Only to SprintPCS. It won't send mail. It just sits in Auth... So I wanted to delete the SMTP Profile and create a new one. I can;t find it. How can I edit/delete the SMTP Profile. It does show up on the compose screen so it is configured, but It does not have an entry in the Accout list box.

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    What did you name the profile? It should show up in your mailboxes. I got rid of an existing dummy mailbox and recreated the seetings under a 'New SMTP Profile Only'. It shows up under the mailbox pulldown and I am allowed to edit and delete it.
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    I called it SprintPCS...
    BTW, It seems to have done something to my Drafts folder, the drafts folder now has a "QSync" with the little box with a line through it next to it. I know that means "no connection". I wonder why it is trying to make a Qsync connection to my Drafts Folder?
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    gmcc - You may be suffering from an upgrade problem that happened a number of versions back (I've seen a handful of people with this problem). The solution, unfortunately, is to rebuild all your folders. Sorry!

    What I'd do is delete everything Chatter'ish from the Launcher, and then load the latest version and rebuild your folders.

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    This worked I can edit the SMTP Only profile.

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