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    I can confirm you don't have to be a large business to get the discount. But you do have to have a business. (Well you are supposed to have one.)

    I run my own business and it is not large by any means. I received a flyer in the mail directly from Sprint to my business extending the offer to me. I went to a Sprint PCS store today with the flyer. The person there told me they would have to sell it to me as a business and that they would need my Tax ID. I was prepared to give that, but mentioned that the addressee on the flyer is my business which I own. So they never took my Tax ID. I did not want to make a 2 year commitment to Sprint, so I only got $120.00 off and had to pay $479.99 plus sales tax.

    They changed my number over to the new Treo 650 right there on the spot and let me keep the same plan I've had for years. And my original plan was not setup as a business.

    So if you want this deal go in with your business Tax ID in case you are asked for it. Or of course if they mail a flyer to you and you own a business then show that and they may not take your Tax ID, given they already directed mail to you as a business.

    Now I can sell the unused replacement Treo 600 I got from my Best Buy PSP, GPS, stand and chargers on EBay to see how much of the costs of the Treo 650 I can make back .
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    I think there are probably quite a few ways to get in through the business channels. I switched over to sprint last year and was able to get a business rep (I can call her cell # when i have CS issues, i don't have to call a 1-800 #) and I get some good discounts just by having a real estate license. I'm now switching over to cingular and I'm getting a business representative, discounts and a 1 yr contract because Im a CPA. Just call a business rep in your area and ask if there is anyway you can get in through the business dept, they will be happy to share ideas, since they are paid on commission.
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    I forgot to mention I was also given the $100 of free Handango software deal with my purchase. But I think anyone buying via Sprint or PalmOne can get that.
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