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    For the past month or so I have been having the 535 error that others have mentioned for both of my SMTP servers. This is resolved by resetting connections.

    I noticed that there is a new SMTP option called Auth Plain. Currently I don't have any of the Authorization buttons clicked. Is the Auth Plain there to resolve this error some of us are having Marc?
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    randy - Are you still getting this error with the latest revs? (No, the new option isn't related) Can you send a log that shows an error?

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    Marc -

    For the 19.* upgrades, I have been getting the 535 error after the initial install of the upgrades on the first attempt to send mail. My resolution has been to Open the Edit SMTP profile in Other and then click OK to close. After that I am able to successfully send emails with no further 535 errors. The reset connections trick that RanyGOP mentioned works the first time I attempt to resend an email, but I have still experienced intermittent 535 errors thereafter. The Edit SMTP profile seems to successfully reset my SMTP connections without any further 535's.

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