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    Quick question about versamail...everytime i tell it to delete message from server, it doesn't do it! I try this with my sprint pcs mail and my gmail and the messages are STILL tehre! Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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    You have to choose the empty trash option from the main menu for the deletes to actually occur.
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    I thought you had to "Sync Server Folder" to do that.
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    I found that the way my IMAP server was configured, I had to specify both the root and the trash folder... including the root. For example, for me (yours may be different), it was a root of INBOX and a trash folder of INBOX.Trash

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    Well you have to set the folders correctly, but sync change is not doing that UNLESS you say empty trash but don't do it now. The whole delete on server is not very intuitive. When you say delete you generally mean delete.....

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