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    Ok, So I just picked up my new T650! I like this phone a lot!!! The problem is I am trying to setup my voicemail now and am having some trouble. You see I bought the T650 along with an A740 for my wife and now when I go to setup my voice mail and it says "You have reached the voice mail for <my wife's phone number>"

    Any idea why? I can make and receive phone calls. In fact if I dial my other cell phone, the caller ID shows up correctly. Did the lady at the Sprint PCS store screw up?

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    Call them.

    Sit down.

    Have a Donut.
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    A donut would be good right about now.

    Mark, for the first time setup, as soon as your wife's voicemail announcement begins, hit # and it will ask you for "her" password. Use the 4 digits she chose when she signed up, if she lets you

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