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    Any other shirt pocket carriers here? I think I'm in a distinct minority in my carry method. I've upgraded from the Samsung I330 & I300 and ALWAYS carry in my shirt pocket. On the very rare occasion the Samsung I330 would fall out of the shirt pocket if I bent over too far to pick something up...usuallly caught it half way out of the pocket. I'm planning to purchase the custom egrips and from feeling them in Compusa I think they will prevent the Treo 650 from launching itself from my shirt pocket. Any real world reports from egrip/shirt pocket carriers. That Treo is sllippery, The Samsung I660 had a nice rubbery coating on the edges.
    Thanks in Advancel
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    egrips will keep it from slipping from your shirt pocket. they work great.
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    I LOVE, absolutely LOVE eGrips! The best thing to add to your Treo!

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