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    Today I ended up with an endless cycle of resets on my Treo 650

    I took out the battey, I reset...and the cycle of resets just continued... I found a thread that discussed this and realized that the reason for this was that I had run out of internal memory. I FINALLY managed to do some odd series of resets and got onto the phone where I could see that there was 10K left of memory! I deleted some stuff and reset..and then things seemed to be working fine...

    So lesson learnt...don't let your memory run out or you will be in reset-cycle-hell
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    Wow, already filled up your Treo, huh? You should move some apps to your SD card (using PowerRun or ZLauncher) to free up some RAM.
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    Tiffany, by any chance were you out of phone coverage when this happened?
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    Zorro, no I was at a place where I had always had reception (and got it again once I managed to get out of that reset-nightmare).

    Yeah...I wish I could move more things to the card but many of the BIG ones are 'locked' to my internal memory it seems like and some that are not I can't seem to get working really when they are on the card. Maybe just a learning curve..I'm trying to figure it out.....

    I wish I could move these - and their data - to the card:
    - Agendus Pro and Agendus Mail,
    - Documents-To-Go,
    - MMPlayer (doesn't want to run when it just sits on the card),
    - Teal Lock (Can't delete it...getting an error message saying it cant be deleted!),
    - VeriChat (can't seem to run from the card)
    - Voice Dial
    - Win Hand

    I guess if I figured out how to move HALF of them to the card I would be better off.
    In time....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiffany
    I wish I could move these - and their data - to the card:
    - Documents-To-Go,
    You actually can. You'll free up a few megs using the Dataviz Tech Tool. Just install it into your Treo, tap on the "Dataviz Tech Tool" icon, and select the "Move applications to card" button. You should then notice some free space.
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    Tiffany, I have got MMplayer running fine off the card. Verichat no, and I think Docs to go is a no go as well.

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