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    I just installed Datebk 5 and really like it. However, after I assigned it to the calendar button, I can no longer get to the phone app since it keeps opening Datebk 5 as well, even after a soft reset. Very strange. Has anyone else run into this? I had to delete the app for now. I'd love to use it though.
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    Hi treolady, this is a known issue with a fix. See this thread.

    Don't give up on DateBk5 -- it's an awesome product!

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    hey now that i deleted datebk5, i can no longer pull up my recently dialed numbers when i hit the phone button. it just keeps reverting to the phone standby screen. =\
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    You shouldn't have deleted it. Just reinstall it and run the resetphonebutton.prc app that fixes the phone button problem.

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