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  1.    #1 currently has the Logitech Mobile Freedom Bluetooth headset for $38.38 shipped free... You can apply a 10% discount via the link below which brings it down to $34.54 shipped free. Some states get taxed.

    Link to Headset
    Link to get 10% off 10% off can be used on anything on the site, not only this product, they have other BT headsets there as well...

    Runs 7 hours on a full charge, Bluetooth 1.2 spec, Windstop technology, Works on phones and PCs etc... I know there are some reviews/thoughts about its performance here on TC.

    Deal borrowed from! Original Fatwallet thread.
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    Thanks for the link and confusing me even more that I have to add one more good unit to my mix of possibilities.
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    I have had my freedom for two months now and still really like it. I highly recommend.
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    Yeah, I like mine as well. Since it's BT 1.2 it is compatible with all of the latest phones as well as the 650's OLD BT implementation. I think the 650 is to blame for most of the BT interference issues with pretty much ALL of the headsets.
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    I just received mine today, and I must say its going back. Problem is not necessarily the headset, but maybe just me, but the ear clip does not place the speaker against my ear. I have to hold the headset against my ear to use it. Its not a volume issue, because its almost too loud once held against my ear, its just a placement issue. I've never had great success with earclips, and I'm coming from my favorite wired headset, a jabra eargel headset without any boom mic. Why doesn't anything like that exist in Bluetooth... no stupid wires, now stupid boom mic's, no stupid ear clips...

    Oh well, maybe someday...

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