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    I'm suprised this wasn't listed as a con, but a huge annoyance with the new holster is that whenever an incoming call is received and you go to answer the call and remove the phone from the holster, a few buttons are accidently depressed leading to unwanted results. I've had a few calls be kicked over to voice mail, and some calls from people I didn't want to talk to automatically be answered.

    Is there a way to disable the keypad on incoming calls and only enable the touch-screen? When pulling the device out of the holster the bottom row of keys and especially the spacebar tend to get depressed. And if you don't grab it just right when removing it (somewhat awkward) other keys get depressed as well.

    I'm open for any suggestions. It's a great holster and it's got a felt lining on the inside that prevents the screen from being scratched. It's also made from high quality high density plastic, but the key-mashing on removal is very annoying.
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    Do a search for Keepoff at
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    Most excellent, thank you. Will post if I have any issues with Treo 650.
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    This topic has been covered in the Accessories forum. I use TreoGuard.

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