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    I pre-ordered with Expansys a while back. I figured it couldnt hurt. Anyway, I was just tooling around their site and noticed that they are selling the Treo 600 for $684.95. I will be the first to say that I am new to the Treo world but WOW! that seems a bit high for the 600 doesnt it? Have any of you had past experiance with Expansys? How do they typically compare, price wise, with other vendors? As far the the 650 goes, how much of a price jump would one expect between the unlocked version and the Cingular, no contract, version? I want to get my hands on a 650 at my earliest opprotunity and require an unlocked phone. Lastly, can one buy an unlocked phone directly from the Palm1 online store or does one have to look for an online vendor?

    I appologize if the questions above are redundant. I have been searching for a while and was unalbe to find much reliable information.

    Thank you,
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    I've bought several devices from eXpansys before and never had a problem with them. Their prices are usually the best available for unlocked, unsubsidized phones, and they price match.

    palmOne will sell an unbranded, unlocked version at some point, but probably a bit after Cingular offers it.

    If you're trying to get a GSM 650 as fast as possible, Cingular is probably your best bet. They'll likely ship it before palmOne ships their unbranded ones, and both of them will ship before eXpansys and other non-US channels get their stock.

    Another source, of course, is our very own TreoCentral. Their store will offer the phone as well. Anyone's guess when they will fall in the shipping schedule, though.

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