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    I used iCal and have had no trouble syncing my 650 using iSync...however, the location entered through iCal does not show up anywhere on the calendar program on the 650....any suggestions??? Thanks.
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    I have good news and bad news.

    The good news: It isn't you. The location field does not sync to any calendar field on the 650 as far as I can tell.

    The bad news: Tough.

    The workaround: Don't use it. Put your location on a second line in the main event header.

    If there's another answer, I would LOVE to hear it.
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    The other good news is the people at MarkSpace who make the MissingSync are working on category and location sync, along with other new features. Bad news is summer '05
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    That is good news. I love Missing Sync.
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    Thanks for the advice, thought about putting a second line in, but do not like the looks of that in the meantime, I'll still look for a workaround...

    What is missing sync? And what advantages does that offer over iSync?
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    In addition to needing missing sync, I think you'll also need OS X Tiger.
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    I both use the notes field in iCal to enter the location and other items related to the meeting. That way the font is smaller in the alarm display (DateBk5) and transfers to the Treo very well.

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