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    OK, here's something to do. One of my colleagues pointed out an interesting issue on the Sprint page advertising the Treo 650. Here's a link:

    About halfway down the page: "Predictive Text Input"

    Anybody want to take a stab at this one?

    What we're trying to find out is if there is any auto-complete text features that nobody knows about.
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    ye its called keyboard, fast and much easier than predictive text input
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    I have seen it auto-complete in Blazer based on my past entries into form fields. Aside from that, not sure what they're talking about.
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    My guess would be that they're talking about that on Blazer... unless theres an option somewhere where you can turn it on.. dunno
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    I had auto complete run completely insane on my device to the point where it was NOT letting me type what I wanted to. I believe this was Blazer-specific, but I'm not sure.
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    Contacts also does a little of this from time to time.
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    check your users guide t650 will do some things like changing i to I.
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    Well yeah, but all Palms do that.
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    The SMS application and Blazer will also each change il to I'll, ive to I've, wasnt to wasn't, wel to we'll, and so on. Seems designed for texting, not the web or normal writing.
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    If you look at many of the spec sheets that say predictive text, lots of them also said things like "camera with flash" and 1.3 megapixel. My guess is that there was supposed to be a real predictive text feature that was left off at the last second and nobody changed the copy.

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