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    Hi there,

    I got AvantGo for the Mac now and installed quite some channels. I got over 5 MB free, but I canīt open some channels. It says "Size limit exceeded" or "Timed out" or "insufficient memory to display document"
    This sounds like BS to me. The channels are Today in History, Letterman Top 10 and Daily Almanac. I got several others running succesfully.
    Whatīs wrong??

    Thanks, DrPepper
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    If you edit your channels on the website, you will see that there are limits defined by the user like 50k per channel. If one of your channels includes images or large amounts of data, change the channel size to 100k or more. Remember the more you increase file size, the longer syncing becomes. A work around this is to change the sync options from everytime to once ever 8 hrs.
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    In my experience the problem is related more to the individual sites than Avantgo itself. I've been getting Daily Almanac for some time and only recently has it not loaded. I suspect problems at that website and avantgo just shuts down the search. That's fine with me I wouldn't want the hotsync to take forever.

    Some channels are a bit more fickle than others and take a bit more fine tuning. You might explore different options in editing your channels. On the ones I really like I set the size limit very high - that will often take care of the exceeds size limit problem.

    Experiment and tinker. There were some channels that I really wanted to download but they were too high maintenance for me.

    Good Luck
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    Dr Pepper, I too have avantgo for the mac. Have you had problems with the weather channel??? I can't get this to synch properly. I always get a 500 internal server error message.

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    Thanks for your tips, Iīll check out the prefs for the channels.
    MikeD: Yes, I can get the Weatherchannel. Worked at first try. Itīs just no use for me since I donīt live in the US. (not yet I hope)

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    Same problem here with Letterman (your post prompted me to check out that channel )

    I'm using Windows to sync. My visor says "Insufficient memory to display document." I also tried it w/o images. No luck...I have 1271K free.
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    I have looked all over the AvantGo site for Letterman so I can read the Top Ten. The search engine did not find it either. What is it under? I am going to feel stupid if it is obvious. Thanks for the help.


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