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    Has anyone successfully hotsynced their Treo 650 wirelessly? I tried Mergic 1.1b but haven't been able to get it to work.
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    I just tried last night with no success. I have a thinkpad t42p and I just bought a targus bluetooth mouse which says I can use up to 7 devices. I paired them, created new virtual serial port and set it to allow all from my 650. It says they are synced on both ends, but doesn't get past the first part of hotsync. grunt & grumble.
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    I have a T40. I have the Targus Bluetooth adapter for syncing and it works great. What I can't do is when I leave my T40 at the office on and running and I go home and try to Sync Remotely thru Vision.
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    I don't want to hijack your thread so I'm starting a new one. good luck
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    Someone has had some success. See this thread:
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    I see their instructions are for a Treo 300. I tried what they said and it didn't work?
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    maybe i am missing something, here.

    my 650 syncs flawlessly over bluetooth.
    it is a little slow, if i have taken alot of pix, but normally very fast.
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    Bluetooth syncing works fine for me. Did you make a virtual serial port?
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    BlueTooth sync works ok here, but like another user commented, it is rather on the slow side ... takes me about 3min VS 30s with the USB cable (and I don't have hardly anything on my handheld syncing up yet, as I'm still getting my 650 all tweaked).

    I'm more interested in getting Softick Blue Files to work ... haven't spent much time troubleshooting that though.

    While BlueTooth is being discussed here ... does it take any extra battery power to leave the BlueTooth radio on all the time? I read some other posts about users wanting to be able to easily turn it off, but they didn't mention as to why (not sure if battery related, or if security related).
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