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    if/when you have received a replacement treo from lockline through the cingular insurance, did you receive an UNLOCKED phone?

    I don't know anyone w/ sims to stick in it to find out it's lock/unlock status

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    I didn't know that LockLine covered Treos from/under Cingular. There have been numerous threads on the whole subject of insurance, and Cingular does not offer it de novo. There are some folks who were paying insurance on an old Cingular phone and assumed that the policy would roll over. I would strongly recommend that you verify this yourself through Cingular and/or LockLine. This is my main beef with Cingular and my Treo.
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    yeah, i've got the replacement in box... special case...see page 90-93 of I will wait for GSM...who's with me? thread.


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