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    hi all,

    i was just connected to my powerbook via BT DUN on the 650. everything was connected just fine. i surfed for about 15 minutes then logged off. now when i try to activate BT DUN on the treo, it gives me this error:

    TransLibOpen err 0x0307

    and now i cannot use DUN anymore, even after several soft resets and even after removing the battery. the error won't go away. what happened and how do i fix it?
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    Silly question but have you turned off BT as a whole and then turned it all back on?

    I always get a TransLib Open err whenever I turn DUN on but that's never stopped it from working.
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    yes i've tried turning it off and on and off etc. what is the proper way to get this to work? i can't get my powerbook to connect (the "connecting" prompt keeps looping)
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    The TransLibOpen error usually only occurs if you try to turn on DUN while already connected to Vision. Are you connecting to Vision before you turn on the DUN switch?
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    no i am not connected to vision right now. i turn BT on. then turn DUN on. i get the error.
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    I should have asked in the first this the ROM or RAM DUN patch? And do you have the carkit update installed?
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    not sure. how do i check? i remember dl it a while back when it first came out.
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    Did you install it the same way you would any other application (download a file and apply it with a hotsync)? Or did you download a custom ROM and flash your Treo's ROM with it (requiring a card reader and a hard reset)?

    If it's the first, and i'm guessing it is, you have the RAM patch. In that case, I would just try deleting the patch and reinstalling it.
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    i sent it via BT to the treo. is it BTManager in Filez? if so, it has a padlock next to it.
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    It is BTManager, and the padlock doesn't matter. You should have two copies when you look in FileZ...the original ROM copy (identified by the ROM chip symbol next to it) and the patched RAM copy (without the ROM chip symbol). When you apply the patch, it doesn't overwrite the original ROM BTManager, the Treo just ignores the ROM version in favor of the RAM version.

    Delete the RAM version (the one without the ROM chip symbol), do a soft reset, reapply the patch, do another soft reset, and try turning on BT.
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    i only have 1 copy in filez
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    Impossible if you installed it just by doing a Bluetooth transfer into RAM. Does the copy you have show the ROM chip symbol? If not, you probably do not have the ROM box checked in the upper right hand corner of FileZ.
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    my bad, i didn't have the ROM box checked. ok i see it now. which copy do i toss, the one w/the padlock or the one w/the padlock and chip?
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    the one w/the padlock
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    what caused this hack to stop working anyway?
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    no idea...the treo file system has a bad habit of random corruption...did reinstalling it work?
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    sorry, i can't reinstall right now, i'm at work. powerbook is at home. but thank you so much for your help. i will let you know how it goes

    edit: just reinstalled. it works again. thank you for your help everyone! just wish i knew why the hack got corrupted...grr...
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