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    Has anyone noticed that if they go to the Phone App, then hit the red button to sleep and after a long while, they'll go to "wake up" their treo 650 and the screen is severely pixelated?

    I've had this happen time and time again. I've also managed to get the "white screen" a few times. This just shows the clock and signal strength maybe but shows nothing else, just a white screen.

    In both these instances, I use the stylus or my finger to tap around and the screen pops up the buttons or what not, but it is just localized, it doesn't paint the whole screen over again.

    I searched all over the forums for this issue and was not able to find it.

    And no, I've never dropped the phone or anything like that. (Although it was a demo model...hrm)
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    This sounds like either a software incompatibility or a system problem. But, it is definitely not normal
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    Yep, not normal. Mine has never done that despite major use and sleep.
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    Yeah that happens to mine! It's basically a pixelated screen that requires repainting by changing to a different screen. For example, if you press the menu button, only the menu portion repaints properly. If you switch to the home screen, the entire screen repaints and the problem is fixed.

    What did you do to resolve this problem? It's definitely a pain in the ***...
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    Sounds like something that should be happening on Windows, not Palm OS.

    Sprint Treo 650

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