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    Been lurking for a while and I have to say the information in here has been really useful. The 650 is actually the first PDA (and first Palm device) I have ever owned so I've relied on the expertise and advice of a great many people here.

    That being said -- has anyone experienced the following problem? Basically, when I plug the Treo in for an overnight charge and I check it the following morning -- the LED is a solid green, even *after* I unplug it. I can no longer wake up the Treo screen with either the power button or the phone button. What i've been doing is pulling the battery to reset the phone.

    Anyone else have this issue or have any idea what is causing it? Thanks.
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    Mine did the same thing. I retured 3 days later to compUSA and they exchanged it. New one works fine. I would return it.

    See my thread below.
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    Thanks for the quick reply -- as this is the only problem I have with the phone (no sound quality issue, no other freeze ups) I might just hold onto this one.

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