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    My thoughts would be for a very simple program. There was one called dual date and it was fairly simple. It just split the calendar intop 2. One for me and then it showed my wifes. I could adjust my calendar and only view my wifes, but it was great because it enabled me to be able to she what she was up to. I had dual date on my 600, but it won't work on the 650. Maybe just a rework of the original Dualdate. I have tried a program called wesnyc, but it seems very complicated and more than what I need it to be. Any thoughts would be welcomed. Thanks

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    I, too, am looking for a way to keep my calendar and to-do lists separate. For instance, I may have a personal to-do item (give dogs their heartworm pill, for example) or personal doctor appointment, and when I hot sync at work, it's there on my work computer. Is there any way to keep personal categories from syncing so that when I sync at home, I get everything, but when I'm at work, it ignores personal entries? If there isn't a way, there SHOULD be. I hate all of my personal items getting saved on my work computer.
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    Haven't tried it, but ThinkSync looks like what you want. handango page: .
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    Thanks, TreoRenegade! That little app sounds like the one to do it. (Now, I'll have to find one for the TO DO list.)
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    I use KeyDates, and it lets me have as many calendars as I want. I use one for myself, one my wife, and one each for my kids.

    I also use KeySuite and have a personal to-do list and a professional to-do list.

    You can get KeyDates and KeySuite (which contains KeyDates) from Chapura.

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