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    I just knew paying protection money to Sprint was a good idea! When the flip cover on my second Treo 300 broke, this time they repaced it with the T600, and even forgot to collect the $10 fee!

    $550 phone for free, not bad. I think maybe my T600 will suffer an "unfortunate accident" in a year or so....sure I'll be a year behind the latest tech, but hey! free free free, bay-bee...
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    I had the same fortunate experience with my second Treo 270, T-mobile and their Assurian (sp?) insurance plan. They tried to offer me a Blackberry since they didn't have any 270s in stock. I honestly replied that I didn't want any Blackberry, could I get a 600 instead. After checking with her boss for a few minutes, the answer was yes.
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    jae, how long ago was that? I called assurian back in december and they said they still had 270's in stock.

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