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    Just thought you guys might be interested in helping me out as well as yourself in getting a free Mac Mini. I signed up for the Free trial of Professor lessons thing. Fully refundable too. Try it out or another offer. When I get 10 referrals i get my free one. when you do the same you will as well. With added bluetooth module this would be a great Treo accessory! Good Luck.

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    You what's funny... A brand new Treo 650 without contract is actually MORE EXPENSIVE than a mac-mini! Sheesh....
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    Yea I'll admit thats a tad scary.
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    r u sure the link is correct. I'm getting a "cannot find server" screen
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    I just got my 10 necessary referrals to get my free mac mini. I'll let y'all know if I in fact receive one. *fingers crossed*
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    Oh, and Scott3, the mods will be taking this thread and any other references to your referral off the website. I had my referral link in my sig and look at it now!
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    do you know anyone who has actually received a free mac mini or ipod? This looks like one of those "if it looks to good to be true" things.
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    Well I expect that this will get taken down then, at least I notified some people of the free site. i would love to have my Treo and Salling Clicker be used as my remote for a bluetooth based media center composing of a Mac Mini and a Lcd TV.

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