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    I just received something in my wireless bill talking about Mobile IM. From what I see you can actually do Picture Messaging with this.

    You have to go to get it now and then GetIM or GetPIX.

    Prices 7.99/mo 20 Flix/Pix & 500 TXT
    9.99/mo 20 Flix/Pix & 700 TXT
    14.99/mo 40 Flix/Pix & 1500 TXT

    It states that you can use AOL IM, MSN Messenger & Yahoo Messenger.

    I am unsure as to whether this affects just regular text messaging.

    Oh and Flix is video messages.
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    Verizon has not yet introduced the Treo650. Only sprint has it.

    To my knowledge flix/pics on verizon, and picture mail on Sprint have no relation with your text messaging portion.
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    I am talking about those who have Verizonified their Sprint 650s. Has anyone who has successfully converted their Sprint phone been able to utilize this Mobile IM?

    I am wondering if I can try to use this with my 650. Or has anyone been able to use Get IT Now?

    I am trying to find out what services I can use on my converted phone once I get it on Wed.

    Thanks again everyone.
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    I do and its working fine. I use agile messenger and use the app only, not the SMS option. but my sms works fine
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    which valupack of verizon's mobileIM are you using? are you able to send pics and flix? does get it now work?

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    Anyone else using this?

    And kalex:

    How were you able to get this added to your Verizon plan?

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