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    I just upgraded my 600 to a 650 this weekend and was disappointed to find out that I still have to use my sync cable to run PDANet w/ my Sprint service. After searching the web yesterday I found out that Sprint is working on an upgrade that will enable PDANet to work via bluetooth but I couldn't find a release date.

    Does anyone know when this will be available?
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    The current version of PDANet supports both USB and Bluetooth.


    Gordon Dickens
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    Yeah- I've done it. It's about half as fast as with a cable
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    What's the point of using PDANet if you're using Bluetooth? With the DUN patch, the Treo supports native Bluetooth DUN. Granted I've only used it once, but I had a steady 115.2 kbps connection that worked fine.
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    Why wouldn't I use PDANet and Bluetooth at the same time? I use PDANet to give my laptop internet access. With my Treo600 I used a sync cable to connect to my laptop. I'd like to connect to my laptop via bluetooth now but still use PDANet to access the internet on my laptop. My company does not support corp email on a handheld so I'm basically using my 650 as my laptops modem. (I'm a sales rep so am often at a customer's location and have no other way to access the net)

    I can hotsync my 650 to my laptop via a bluetooth USB adapter but when I launch PDANet (in bluetooth mode) I receive the following message.

    "Unable to connect PDaNet Desktop on your PC, please makes sure it is configured properly on both sides (code=886)."

    What am I missing?

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