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    Although I haven't pushed any code in 5 years or so, I've got a pretty good background in PC programming (pacal, early C, some Assembler and lots of 4GL: RBase, Foxpro & Access). And even wrote some modules for a couple of commercial programs.
    - So I can handle design, modularization, structure, algorithms, etc.
    - Now I've got an urge to start coding again for my new Visor - with possible Freeware /Shareware distribution later on.
    - But what do I need to get started?
    - In the PC environment, I'd get:
    -- a language reference manual;
    -- a program to write source code in (IDE, text editor, etc);
    -- a compiler (usually);
    -- and, of course, my PC to test code on.
    1) What are the equivalent modules for the Palm?
    2) Where can they be found, obtained, bought?
    3) Any good URLs for programmers of whatever language you recommend (where beginners questions are tolerated & respected)?
    4) I've heard that there is a Palm or Visor emulator for the PC. Is this what I'd use for testing/deverlopment? Where obtained, if so?

    - Thanks in advance for any time you take to respond. Chuck.
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    You can pick up a copy of Palm Programming: The Developer's Guide published by O'Reilly from fatbrain (or any other online retailer.) Here's a link to the book at fatbrain:

    The book includes a CD with a limited copy of Codewarrior which is a good place to start. If you want to develop more seriously, you'll have to either buy the full Codewarrior for Palm set, or investigate one of the other dev environments (the book describes several). It also includes sample code for a demonstration application.

    You should also head over to the Palm site and sign up as an independent developer. That will give you access to the Palm Emulator and ROM files.
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    I recommend checking out for a starter also.
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    You really should be asking this question in the developers section.

    CodeWarrior is the biggie ( ), but expensive at $300+. Quartus Forth is nice at $60 ( )

    At the 3Com site ( ) you will find the SDK, the Programmer's Companion, the Programmer's Reference, and an online version of one of the popular how-to-program books.

    You should also read the Palm Programming FAQ

    I'm about one quarter the way through writing my first big Visor application. It's been a learning experience, even though I'm quite proficient at MCVC++ for windows.
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    Thanks, Ash, newbievisor & Winchell for the tips. I've already orderd the Palm book Ash recommended. The web sites mentioned look interesting, but I'll have to wait to look them over more thoroughly.
    - But this was exactly the info I wanted. It's really appreciated.

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