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    If Verichat is constantly looking for chat conversations every second, will it automatically place all phone calls to voice mail when they come in? I use verichat for IM and I am constantly finding voicemails waiting for me and I assume thats because I am either chatting online or its polling the IM servers, thus blocking phone calls.

    How does this work and are there any workarounds?

    Also, if I am using Chatter Email, will I have a similiar issue if this software is constantly polling the imap server every second?

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    VeriChat doesn't constantly poll the IM servers, at least not from the Treo's end. When you're logged in and out of the application (in standby mode), you're logged in by proxy. PDAapps's servers somewhere have you logged in. When someone sends you an IM, those servers forward the message onto your Treo. You can set VeriChat to use SMS when sending IM's to you when you're in standby mode. That way it won't randomly use Vision (I'm assuming you have Sprint). However if you're in an active chat then yes, chances are any calls will go to voicemail.
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    Agree with Flyers81. In my experience if you have the Verichat application itself up, then it does use the data connection quite frequently to keep the list of users fresh, etc. and sends most calls to voicemail. However, if you switch away from verichat to anything else, MOST calls will come through. Not 100%, but most...

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