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    If Chatter is constantly looking for emails every second, will it automatically place all phone calls to voice mail when they come in? I use verichat for IM and I am constantly finding voicemails waiting for me and I assume thats because I am either chatting online or its polling the IM servers, thus blocking phone calls.

    How does this work with Chatter and are there workarounds?

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    If your IMAP server supports the IDLE command, then you get true push; there is NO polling. If your server doesn't support IDLE, then you'd typically schedule polling (what I call QuickSync). So Chatter is never "constantly looking", i.e. constantly using the data channel and thereby blocking voice calls. The frequency of calls getting sent to voicemail will depend, then, on your email usage (receiving and sending); there's no way to prevent it entirely.

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    So if I do have an IMAP server and it is using push technology, will it ever go to voicemail if it is checking email?

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    Yes, during those times the "data channel" is actively in use. This would happen whether using Chatter, or Web, or any other app that exchanges wireless data. Whether that's 1% or 5% or 20% of the time depends on a host of factors, including your wireless carrier and email usage.

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    Marc, is it possible to 'tell' if your IMAP is really supporting IDLE command?, is there a debug or command to check this in chattermail?

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    Chatter should pop up a warning message if IDLE isn't supported. Sending a log is the surest way to tell.


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