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    Due to damage (after many years) on my Kyocera, (Verizon no longer sells them) I have reluctantly switched to the Treo 600 as I wanted to stay palm based.
    The first thing I did was install the software (Treo) and Synch the TReo to my kyocera data. I have now lost all of that data from my desk top and when the sync is over the Treo freezes and can only be fixed with a hard reset. I can not get any other of my programs (and there are many) onto my Treo. Verizon says call Palm - Palm says call Kyocera so I am waiting until tomorrow am when they open.

    Additionally some things I already dont love on the treo but maybe someone has some fixes:

    1) No voice dialing (does anyone know any software that I can use to do this)
    2) Sort contacts by company name rather than first or last?
    3) Save email addresses to pull from to send emails
    4) not enough grafitti use rather than keyboard- Will Grafitti anywhere help this (can I enter contacts with grafitti)
    5) anyone else upgraded from 7135 to 600 and had things they liked on 7135 that were not on 600 but they found fixes?
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    Well, you wouldn't wanna surf the web with a Kyocera 7135 with its 33 MHZ processor. That said, I'll try to answer your questions, while yielding to more seasoned Treo owners. My answers are based on T650, as I never used a T600.

    1. Using Voice Command-Voice pad helps. But most bluetooth headsets do not support full functionality.
    2. I only know how to do that in Outlook, and have not tried in in the T650
    3. I saved email addresses from HTML email using versamail
    4. Graffiti Anywhere was great. I used it and liked it, but using screen protectors tended to make my writing imprecise.
    5. I upgraded from K7135to T650.
    A. I missed the graffiti input pad, but Graffiti Anywhere turned out okay with the crner tap to activate.
    B. I missed the folding clamshell form factor that protected the screen well and made the phone appear more compact.
    C. I missed the hard button speaker phone. T650 speakerphone can be activated on the screen, after you dial.
    D. I thought the earpiece voice quality in the K7135 was better. The K7135 is phone first/PDA second. However, the T650 had a better mic for TX. Thus while people enjoyed the clarity of my voice I complained about the lack of quality on their end.

    Fixes? plenty, thanks to Treo hackers, like Shadowmite, but no thanks to PalmOne.

    Although I switched to PPC6601 I still liked my T650, but lost hope in PalmOne. If the T650 GSM is better I may try it.

    Other than that I thought the T650 had superior features, better screen, fast processor,
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    "2) Sort contacts by company name rather than first or last?"

    My cure for this is to not enter the first and last name, but only the company name on the first four tabs. I then have changed the field name at the bottom from "Custom" to "Contact" and enter the name or names of the contacts there. You do this by going to the "Menu" then to "Options" then to "Rename Custom Fields" You can also enter the names of the contacts as a "Note" to the same effect. Hope this helps.

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