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    Can/ should users upgrade the OS to Palm 3.2/3.3/3.5??
    Obviously there are functions available in these releases which our basic 3.1 doesnt allow us to do...
    If not, when is an update planned??
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    Not entirely sure on this one... but I think that the Visor isn't upgradeable... I may be totall wrong.. but I remember reading that this was considered once of the Visor's few faults.
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    The Visor is not flash updateable (a permanent fix), but it can be patched. However, you would have to reapply any patches if you have to perform a hard reset or if your Visor completely drains your batteries (or if a helpful two year old borrows your batteries). These matters are covered in this site's FAQ:
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    There doesnt appear to be any PATCHES on the PALM website, just upgrades...

    Now that PALM is an independent company, shouldnt they be supplying patches for the VISOR OS too???
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    There is a patch (or update) on the Palm site.

    I have had it running on my Visor for months now with no problems.
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    I'm more cautious, and will only patch when Handsprings makes the recommendation. However, I know that you will need one of the files from the 3.3 upgrade to get IrLink into shape for IR syncing . . .

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    here's the deal...
    I am tying to use the many palm 7 pqas on my visor deluxe with the new springboard wired modem...
    according to my research, you need certain files from a palm 7 (clipper, Inet, security, web, and wireless), AND at least OS 3.3. No 3.3 patch exists;
    I have written handspring about this and await a reply!
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    You do need OS 3.2 (or 3.3 for Palm III* and V* machines).

    I am not certain of the differences, but there are some. This has been verified by a number of people trying to use the PQAs.

    I wish you the best of luck. PQAs are kinda cool, and I have about 40 on my machine.


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