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    Scrolling will be fixed in 19.6; I'm holding back on the "unread" count until it's more, um, reliable.

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    Greg -

    Right you are. 64k colors is fine for the high-res versions. Thanks again!

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    I really miss the lines in composition screen .... hi-res icons look great!
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    I'm guessing that some people will like the lines being gone and some people will miss them and want them back (personally, I miss them!). Maybe this could be another in the growing list of display options?
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    jberman - Of course. There are never enough options!

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    hi res icons look good.

    I just got 19.5 into my rom and poof there is 19.6. Slow down!!

    Just when I think this thing cant get better it does. Thanks Marc
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    And people wanted to put Chatter in ROM. Why, when it's upgraded so often?

    All navigation issues on the message body are fixed in 19.6, except for the minor one I mentioned before. If you press center and scroll with the entire body highlighted (not in edit more) and then press center again to start editing, it looks like it puts the caret in the right spot but if you try to move with the 5-way, it jumps back to wherever it was before first. It looks like whatever internal position variables you're using for the 5-way navigation aren't updated in this case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GregV
    And people wanted to put Chatter in ROM. Why, when it's upgraded so often?
    ...and that's why it's back out of ROM for me... It was a 3 minute job twice a day just to keep up with Chatter! Replaced it with Backupman, for now... Still got room in ROM, but don't really have anything else to put in it...

    Keep up the GREAT work!!!
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    I still have an old fashion low-res Treo 600, but the compressed view is clearly designed for hi-res now. In low-res, it's completely unclear. Can it go back to the way it was?
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    FWIW, Compressed seems fine on my 600. (And I have the latest beta.)
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    ** 1.0b19.6

    * Work on network connect/disconnect issues re: stability

    I just noticed (when I had a vision disconnect), that my Treo 650 hangs right before it tries to reconnect to Vision. The Chatter message pop-up that warned me for the possible lock came after it was locked up, but before it came up with the data reconnect screen.

    Not sure what the functionality should be...
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    I think someone suggested this already - the small fonts are very sharp, but I for one would vote that they're too small. It's nice to pack more on the screen, both in terms of number of messages, but also content horizontally. But the small fonts in mailbox view border on un-unuseable for me. I generally have most settings on my screen fairly "tight" (still have very good eyes), but the small font seems too small for even me and if I had to choose woulcd.

    I'm not sure if anyones indicated this already, but for empty mailboxes (ie the one I can't delete), the scroll function will not scroll to the top and randomly doesn't do much at all...
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    mlarsen - There's a "Toggle Small Font" option you can use to go back to the "normal" compressed view (it's in the View menu).

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    airjoe - The "small font" setting is something of a joke - I don't know who would use it as it stands. It was just simple to do. I expect to do more with fonts later on.

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    Not the first time I missed a joke... Thanks for the info.
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    I am still running into the problem where the selected message is the top one when I switch to Chatter from another app. If I select a message in one folder and then switch to another folder, that coresponding message is also selected in the other folder. But, if I switch to another app and then back to Chatter, the top message is now selected. This wouldn't be so bad if I weren't viewing in most recent at the bottom, and in compressed view mode. It then takes a while to scroll down to the bottom to view the most recent messages.

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    noisy - I'll check that out; thanks.

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    I just had 2 repeated crashes with the autoentry in the cc: field, but I can't seem to replicate the problem again. I'm using v19.8.
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    ephman: So you typed a letter and it crashed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    ephman: So you typed a letter and it crashed?

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