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    DUde, if you just have a couple pop accounts, then just use snapper and setup sms-triggered pull via Treoheler and you done...seamless push like functionality and you won't have to mess with any of your accounts4. Do a quick search on how to set this up...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bertopl
    I also highly recommend chatter. probably my most used app and it's actually fun watching the program develop from its early stages. on the flip side, I used to use the older pop-only version of snapper. definitely a nice clean interface and handled attachments well. it works about as instantaneous as push mail when used with treohelper and demands a lot less on the battery since the connection isn't active as often. make sure you have a big sms plan though. can't really go wrong either way but chatter is amazing now that it supports attachments / persistent notification etc.
    I'm trying to get snappermail to auto push my e-mail with TreoHelper. However, after installing it I get a message "TreoHelper Says: Need Phone Library" Where do I get that? and how do I make this work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtreosexual
    How is agendus mail ?
    Expert opinions.
    Short version: think >> crash tinkle boom
    Be SURE to study the iambic forums (esp the Agendus Palm section) before going near this app. It ain't pretty!
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