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    i'm interested to know if anyone is currently using bluemoon, i have heard documentation is not that great and don't have time to mess around. also if you could give me the pros and cons i would appreciate it. thanks in advance.
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    Yes, I rate BlueMoon as one of the most useful Palm apps I have. See my post under "Essential Software for your Visor."
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    For those of us, like me, who wondered what BlueMoon is:

    (from )

    BlueMoon can be used to keep track of the last time you did something, log each occurence of an event, and tell you when it's due next. Not just a repeating "to-do" checklist, this program allows seeing the event history at a glance, and even some statistics about each event. It's easier to use than it is to describe!

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    318ti - - Like many Palm apps, it simply does what it was designed to do with a minimum of fuss. The documentation does provide many suggested uses. I find it is especially helpful at tracking when I last checked a vendors web site for alerts, patches, etc. I find that it fills a void between To Do, Calendar+ and an outliner.

    For any newbies, you'll find that the Palm world has more in common with Unix/Linux (and the old DOS world) than it does with the monolithic MS Office world of Windows. There are many specially crafted tools that exactly fit particular needs, and I'd recommend that you browse PalmGear every so often so you can find those that fit your needs. Most are shareware - so there is little to lose with experimenting, but do check this site's compatiblity list before fully committing to an app.

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