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    So, I have a 1GB SD card in my Treo 650. I also use a 256MB USB Jump Drive, the Cruzer Mini. Now, the Cruzer comes with a security program called CruzerLock which I can encrypt files I choose on the Jump Drive so that in case I lose it, no one can access those files.

    In an effort to carry less things, and better utilize the space on my 1 GB SD card, I purchased a "MobileMate SD+" which is basically a Jump Drive with no memory but a slot for you to put an SD card into it before you put it into your computer so you can use your SD card.

    Now, even though it's made by the same company, the Cruzer Lock program won't work on the MobileMate device. It says "Cruzer not found." Is there a generic, third-party program that allows you to encrypt information on the SD card such as the Cruzer did? Preferably one that does not require interaction with my Treo, as I will be using this to transport files from one desktop to another.

    Thanks in advance!

    My Treo: Treo 650, Sprint CDMA. SW: 1.08, HW: A.
    My Plan: $105/mo for 2000 AT, Unlimited N&W starting at 7pm, Unlimited PCS to PCS, No Roaming Charges in the U.S., Unlimited PCS Vision, Unlimited SMS & PictureMail.
    My Stats: Using an average of 50MB of PCS Vision per month. 2,500+ photos in my PCS PictureMail account. Had a Treo 600 since 10/24/03, switched to a Treo 650 on 1/5/05.
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    Anyone? Come on, please?

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