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    I am in sales. When the Visor Deluxe hits the stores, I will purchase one.

    I will keep track of inventory, which changes daily, AND I need to keep a list of customers, set appointments, calender functions ...

    Any suggestions for software for contact management?

    George Dean

    Take a look!
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    Pretty much everything you described comes installed on the Visor. The only exception is the inventory function. You can probably find a good inventory program at
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    You may want to look at Jfile Pro. This is a great database program that will allow you to customize it to your needs.

    You could create one for inventory for example. You'd probably be better off using the built-in address book for your customer base and then choosing a program like ActionNames as an addition. This program really helps in contact management (scheduling calls, meetings, etc.), it also combines your to-do's with your datebook events, and ties all of that with your address book, so that they interact in a much better way.

    Take a look at them both..
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    Regarding a contact manager/calander I use action names. Its a hardcore cantact manager any busy salesman would appreciate. I think it's much better than the stock Visor software. If I were you I would get the Visor first, check out the stock software. If that meets your needs than stay with it. If not download action names. The info you input into the stock software goes right into action names, so you wont have to re-input the info over again.

    Hope that helps

    Lenny Vasile
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