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    I use my Sprint PCS Treo 600 in San Diego. I don't use Sprint's mail servers at all. I frequently retrieve email from Road Runner and other mail servers hosted outside the Sprint PCS Vision network.

    My problem is that Sprint PCS' DNS servers often fail to resolve domain names to IP addresses. For instance, some of my mail servers and websites are hosted on, and the domains are registered at Outside of the Vision network, I've never encountered any problem with DNS resolution of these addresses.

    If I configure my email client to use the domain name (e.g.,, or, the application will often fail to "connect". If, however, I pre-resolve these domain names to numeric IP addresses, and plug in those numeric IP addresses in the app, it goes right through -- no sweat.

    Likewise, if I go into System Prefs, Options/View Log, if I try to ping the domain name, it will often fail to find the domain name -- but if I ping the numeric address -- no problem.

    Any ideas on:
    1) how to get Sprint PCS to fix their DNS servers? I'm allocated and I've spent lots of phone time with their "tech support" people, and they are either clueless or careless or couldn't care less.

    2) how to configure my Treo to use a properly configured DNS server? I know of several DNS servers I could use. Clearly, Sprint PCS neither knows how to configure theirs, nor cares.

    3) how to find more information about the various commands supported by the System Prefs/Options/View Log mode? I only recognize "ping" and "finger" (rarely used these days) out of the various commands in there (type "?" and then Enter to see the list). Others are vjcomp, showprgerr, fbalg, PingEvt, pdpset, pdpget, nettrace, and pdplist.
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    I never seen the Log functipn on the treo before. I didn't know it was a command line network interface.

    Somepone should post this info in it's own thread
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    I work extensively with DNS and the Treos. Please see one of my old posts here:

    Email me the domain name and I'll check into it when I get a minute:

    mk3cn4 @ either or

    Note that I never see problems with Sprint DNS forward resolving anything, even obscure domains. It's probably a problem on your end, or maybe just your phone or something, but it's not a widespread Sprint problem as far as I have seen.

    mk3cn4 uses a Treo 600 with ReqWireless Web Browser (others are useless IMO), Snappermail, Xiino, PalmVNC... and is a big infone fan. Cheaper and magnatudes better than Sprint's 411 ripoff,
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    I'm a little more basic but sometimes sprint gags onjust about any web address I try.,,

    but it's intermittent. half a day later they seem to be able to resolve the dns address. I chalk it up to variability in the quality of service provided. It is annoying though.

    (burlington, vt - good sprint coverage I might add)
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    My experience with domain problems (and other connectivity problems with Browsing) have all been related to the various proxy servers that all the Treo web browsers use.

    When I had my Treo 300, I used (I think) the Eudora text-only browser. It didn't use a Proxy, and it was very stable and reliable. I believe this is because the Treo is doing the lookups and direct surfing proxy-free. If you are using Blazer, or WebPro, or even Reqwireless, your TREO isn't doing ANY DNS, the DNS is done by the proxy servers that particular browser is using. In the case of Blazer, it probably is indeed a Sprint DNS server being used, but it's not your Treo doing the lookup, it's the Sprint Proxy server doing the lookup. So, identifying which DNS servers your Treo are using and wanting to switch your Treo's DNS server will buy you nothing when surfing.

    In the case of Snappermail, it is not a proxy doing the lookup, but I've sniffed this MANY MANY MANY times troubleshooting various email issues and opening firewalls to allow the Treos to access IMAP and POP3, and the Treos have been faithfully reliable and predictable with Sprint. The few times I have seen sporatic DNS results with the Treo it's been because of a misconfigured domain either at the registrar or the authoritive host.
    mk3cn4 uses a Treo 600 with ReqWireless Web Browser (others are useless IMO), Snappermail, Xiino, PalmVNC... and is a big infone fan. Cheaper and magnatudes better than Sprint's 411 ripoff,

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