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    is something wrong on my end or is it everyone. i'm trying to acess avantgo and keep getting a timed out message. if it's me could you give me pointers in how to fix this. thanks in advance.
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    I was having trouble this past weekend. Even sent them an email. They replied they had some kind of router troubles but that they're all fixed now. I just synced about 20 minutes ago with no problem. Maybe you should contact them. They have a support area on their web site.

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    I am currently synching my AvantGo channels and don't have any problems... everything works fine (9.15 pm CentralTime). But the connection seems to be particularly slow today!



    BTW, is it syncing or synching? Maybe some of the grammar specialists out there (no offense intended) will be able to help me with this ?

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    I had a little trouble over the weekend too, but synced (or synched or sync'ed?!) successfully several times since. Although sometimes when I put info into the Visor to update on my channels (like Mapquest directions requests or Asimba fitness log info) it doesn't always update. Anyone else have this?

    Maybe it should be sync, sanc, sunc..!

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