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    What does Omni remote do? I am hoping that it allows the visor to function as a tv remote. If not, is there software out there that does?

    The possibilities are endless!

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    Yes, it turns you visor into a universal remote.
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    As a loyal member of the 'Males who must have control of the Remote' organization
    I must tell you that if you don't belong to this organization and use the software for evil purposes, your Visor will self destruct.

    this is a link to their should explain anything you need to know.
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    Actually, using this program will be a good test of just "what kind" of man your husband is. Reading the various posts about using OmniRemote it seems that one needs to be just a few inches from the TV for it to actually work. In other words, one needs to get up off the couch, walk over to the TV, and then use OmniRemote.

    If your husband actually does this, perhaps some long-term therapy is in order. If he looks it over and is willing to let this "opportunity" pass, then he's a keeper. If, alternatively, he proceeds to work on the code and make the program do what it's supposed to do, well, you'll have to answer to other spouses about THAT!
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    For most TVs its more like a few feet.
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    With good batteries in my visor, I can operate most electronic components at about 10 feet.

    Works great when you're in a meeting that has a TV and VCR nearby.
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    The Visor works with my home theater at up to 15 feet or so. It is especially fun to play with your teacher's mind by turning the in-class tv/vcr on & off during class. While I don't advocate this, it is funny!
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    Personally, I was thinking about changing the channel on him and not telling him about that capability!

    He won't think twice about me having the Visor out while watching tv. At least not the first time!

    Thanks for the input!
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    Many of the problems with the remote function only working within a few feet are because people are using the wrong frequencies. If you program your Visor with a close frequency, it will still work sometimes, but just barely. The setup features of the OmniRemote are very misleading. Try changing the frequency and it may work better, up to about 10-12 feet for me.
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    Are you talking about the frequencies under the OmniRemote preferences? Because there are only 5 available, from what I can tell. I set it to the highest frequency (56.0), and that worked the best, but I could only get about 4 feet out of it. How much higher can I go by typing it in? I don't want to damage anything, and I figured there was a reason why that was the highest option. Whats you're advice?
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    I just loaded up the demo of omni-remote and it works great. It actually works better than my actual remote does. It seems to be much less picky about how it is aimed. I've got to go register the program so I can control everything in my home WITH A SINGLE DEVICE!!! HAHAHAHAHA! :-)

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    Omni Remote sounds great but what can the program control? TV, VCR, DVD, STEREO, CABLE BOX? or just a few of these...
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    Lewis, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

    You can program it or "train it" to operate almost any infrared devices. It's quite versatile.
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    For those who don't get much range with OmniRemote, it may be the device you're trying to control. I tried it out a while back, and it operated 3 components of my stereo/home theater system just fine from my couch, about 8 feet away. Unfortunately, my TV didn't respond except within about 2 feet. My TV remote does fine, though. I tried all different frequencies of OmniRemote, and it didn't seem to make a difference.

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