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    Here's the weirdness: I want to confirgure some of the settings in PdaNet but I cannot see the lower portion of the windows! A picture is worth a thousand... see attachments.

    Tab, arrow keys do not work in these windows. Re-installing PdaNet did nothing. I tried changing to another XP theme, even standard XP and Windows Classic, and still no love.

    I don't think this is not really a PdaNet application problem as I have not read any posts about the same thing. What I'm looking for is either a way to see/reach the lower portion of these windows, or a utility that allows you to resize any window in XP. All suggestions will be much appreciated.
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    Got the solution over here: had to reduce the DPI (dots per inch) setting I had in XP Display properties.
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    how do you set up Two Winhand clients from the same router?
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    Probably the same way as VNC, have two different ports 5900 and 5901 forwarded to 5900 on the receiving computers, then connect to port 5900 for one machine, and 5901 on the other one (The port numbers are from memory, probably wrong

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    Well there's an issue with the Keys that it creates because it uses part of the name that you fill in to create these unique keys. I remember someone mentioning something about it before. Can't find the post.
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    Um, guys, gals - why are you spamming my thread?

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