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    Does anyone know if TomTom will work with the treo 650?
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    Yes, a buddy has it working. You can even use a BT headset at the same time.
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    Yes it works wonderfully. Nothing like 3d navigation. I have the tom tom for the treo and i have a magellan roadmate. I do like the 3d navigation more on the tom tom. But I like the option of selecting shortest time, shortest distance, avoid highway features of the magellan roadmate 700.
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    Can the Tomtom pull address from Treo's Contact info like Mapoplis?
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    I was in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago for the CES show. I had stop by the TomTom booth to talk with someone about when the 650 would be supported. I asked someone there about supporting the 650, he was very short with me to the point of being rude. As I walk away I over heard him say that he hated "that phone". What I did get out of him is that the palm address book will not work with TomTom software in the first version. I'm going to stick with the Garmin products for GPS. A far better GPS system all the way around.
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    The lack of contact integration is definitely one of the worst things about the tom tom software. I do like their bluetooth receiver though. It's nice and small and works very well. But overall the software works great.
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    TomTom Navigator 2004 kit is reported by users to be the best for T650 and PPC's.
    I don't know how extensive their POI database is, and whether it can plan multi waypoint navigation. I use an all-in-one Lowrance iWay500C with 5 inch TFT screen, but it's big and I find myself reverting to my Garmin IQue 3600 when I travel and wanna use a rental car.
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    I have TomTom 04 - awesome program - I do have to disagree about the Garmin products though. I use garmin 24/7 at work and the TomTom blows Garmin away for the private sector!
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