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Add to the GreenLight List:

BatteryGraph v1.21
CardSpeed v1.2
MinutesPlus v1.07
OnlyMe v5.10 beta Medium v5.09 Low (5.10 is a beta test with no logging, i.e. less writes to memory and as such crashes much less often)
PalmPuke v0.5 (though app's "about" info says 0.2)
TrackerDog v2.02

Also, Uninstall Manager v2.60 crashes for me every time when switching from "Monitored items" to "Applications" with the same error already reported. (Also, the link for Uninstall Manager on the master list site isn't formatted correctly.)

Does anyone know where we can get OnlyMe version 5.10 (beta) for the Treo 650 from?
I tried emailing the developer (Alex) but my emails bounced back.