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    i know there's a way to access yahoo mail, but what about hotmail. i just got my springboard modem and love it for my pop3 account, but i need access to my web-based account as well. i have avant go and palmscape installed on my visor, but both seem to have "security" issues with hotmail.


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    If you have the modem you could always go to the website using a browser, correct? It may not look as nice, but your still getting your mail.

    -Matthew Nichols
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    sadly neither browser - palmscape nor avantgo will succsesfully log me in. hmmm.
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    try proxiweb. it logs me into this site to post with no problems.
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    You'd think one would be able to get sync hotmail. I wish they would come out with a prog that would do it...
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    hmm, I wonder if the Pocket PC will have any problem with syncing with Hotmail.
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    thanks hoser...
    proxiweb is the answer!
    (tho a syncing conduit would be nice, hint hint developers)
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    TO use Proxiweb do you need a modem?
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    Originally posted by BEN:
    TO use Proxiweb do you need a modem?
    yes. its just like any browser - somewhat useless without a connection.

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