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    I just want a plain old check register. I don't need Quicken or Excel. I just want to be able to keep track in my Visor of checks that I write. I've been doing it in the Memo area, but that is kludgy -- and can't be sorted and won't automatically date or number them or anything. Anyone got a suggestion?
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    Try MyCheckbook. You can find it at It is a simple straightforward checkbook and it is free.

    For everyone out there, I wanted a reader and editor for both MS Word 2000 and Excel files for a reasonable price (under $50). Any suggestions on the best one?
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    Hands-down (IMHO) the best checkbook register is MyCheckbook. Handles up to 5 accounts so you can keep track of credit cards, etc too if you like.

    author (Carl Quick):


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    Thanks! It's exactly what I was looking for! I knew VisorCentral would come through!

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