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    Could you please share any experiences with different HW and SW options with me ? either through the thread or through PM, please...
    Got my Treo 650 with Sprint PCS services now since 4 days and so far are
    pretty satisfied with everything I experienced.
    What I am looking for in particullar is,
    Bluetooth and WiFi
    GPS and other additions in this range/area
    Network and Security tools for adv. engineers/(users)

    Motto: making a notebook unnessesary to carry around....

    IT wireless communication is good IT communication...
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    GPS: TomTom website . You can find it cheaper if you look through this thread it details all the specs and trials with TomTom. I have had it for over a week now and I love the software for driving. The GPS reciever has worked with all my aviation moving maps, that have a connection option. I also plan to use it with Fugawi for navagation on the intercoastal and offshore fishing.

    WiFi: I haven't tried this but a few have, I do not believe it is a solution someone like yourself would be looking. But, go have a read in this thread

    VNC: On the 650 install disk there is a program which comes with it. Cannot remember the name of it but it is there. There is another solution by the name of WinHand .
    Which there is yet another thread on here .

    Some of the other apps. I have NO IDEA about. Maybe some of the kind folks here can help you out more in that area. I feel they might say search .

    Good Luck
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    thanks, very good info.

    Got another question,
    it seams that the treo received positioning data from the PCS network, is there any
    SW out there which utilizes this data ?
    In other words a GPS solution without additional HW ?
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    Nope. Not at this time. Right now, even the PCS portion isn't implemented....

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    Quote Originally Posted by itwirelessguy
    thanks, very good info.
    You are quite welcome, good sir.
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    Find the search function here on TC. Search is your friend. Many of your questions have been answered and discussed in great detail.
    Bob Meyer
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